Our technical detailing department has a crack team of over 70 detailers and 7 engineers.

All members of the detailing team are on site and work directly with project management and the manufacturing and engineering department. That’s good news for you, because it means our teams are incredibly adaptable and can make changes to eliminate most of the common problems you encounter with a construction project.


Our structural detailing department helps us carry out projects with remarkable efficiency.

Structural drawing

Beauce Atlas can produce steel shop drawings for projects of all shapes, sizes and levels of complexity, whether the building is industrial, commercial or institutional.

In 2015, Beauce Atlas took over Steltec’s steel detailing team, which is now an integral part of the family. The detailers and engineers of the Structure division of Génifab Consultants also joined Beauce Atlas in 2019.

Thus Beauce Atlas team includes no less than 70 detailers in the province of Quebec. Based in Sainte-Marie, Québec City or Montréal, they are all driven by passion, top-quality performance and results, and great concern for customer satisfaction.


Our mission is to offer you the best possible service to meet your needs. To achieve this, we’ve made our technical support service available to anyone who uses SDS/2 software or any other software published by our team.


Our team is also committed to offering a training program so engineers and customers can stay up to date on any new settings and features added to the software. We also offer comprehensive training to engineering firms looking to integrate the 3D approval method using SDS/2 software.


Custom reports

Our knowledgeable programmers can program your project’s interface and prepare a customized report according to your requirements. Our team’s ultimate goal is to provide you with all the information you need to complete your project on time.

Current reports

You can consult previously issued reports to collect data for the construction of your structure. Our team can also respond quickly to requests for technical drawings of specific parts.

Detailing reports

Drawing reports let you track your project and monitor its progress. Thanks to our sophisticated tracking tools and SDS/2 and Tekla software, we can track your project’s progress to the nearest percent and let know you where it’s at. That way we can stay on schedule and optimize efficiency.


Latest technologies

Using the latest technologies means we can pay closer attention to detail with project tracking. It also boosts our efficiency so we can react quicker when adjustments are needed. The engineer of record is able to approve shop drawings by 3D modeling using the SDS/2 software application we developed in-house.