a strong

Beauce Atlas is active in Canada and the Eastern and Midwestern United States.

We are a reassuring physical presence on construction sites on both Canadian and U.S. soil. This isn’t just for appearances—it’s how we maintain strong ties with our partners and subcontractors. And we don't take anything lightly. We have managers and decision-makers on both sides of the border. Our superintendents oversee the construction sites to make sure everything runs smoothly when our steel structures are being erected.

Who we are

Much more than a manufacturer

Agile. Fast. Reliable. The Beauce Atlas team understands the needs of an industry that wants more from its structural steel fabricators. We stay on top of new practices so that we can remain efficient and attract engineers and contractors looking for a first-rate partner to help make their projects profitable.

Our young, driven team of talented up-and-comers will keep our company strong for many years to come.


Dare to build differently

Let’s build something ambitious together. Let’s innovate.

We’re building more than just steel structures—we are continually reinventing the construction sector. We use innovative methods to add value to our clients’ projects and develop lasting partnerships.

A complete team

Our team stands out from the crowd and never fails to impress. At Beauce Atlas, you’ll find the most comprehensive industry expertise offered by a structural steel fabricator.

  • 70 detailers
  • 7 engineers
  • 15 project managers
  • 2 site supervisors
  • 3 health and safety specialists
  • 160 plant workers
  • 40 office workers