Project Manager

Beauce Atlas, a leading fabricator in structural steel, is currently seeking a project manager. Under the supervision of the Director of Operations, the project manager participates in important stages in the realization of projects from the awarding of contracts to final payment.

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Specific duties

  • Manage the flow of information (communication):
    • Ensure the flow of information between the various project stakeholders (designers, engineers, contractors, builders and installers) to maintain uniformity and for the coordination of the project.
  • Schedule the project deadlines:
    • Produce a weekly project planning schedule containing the various project implementation activities: drawing, engineering, approval, manufacturing, installation and final delivery to the customer, for planning the various departments of the company;
    • Inform members of his team and the various departments concerned of the scope of contract adjustments;
    • Inform the members of his team and the client of the evolution of the schedule;
    • Ensure regular follow-up of the schedule with his team, with subcontractors, suppliers and the customer.
  • Financial and administrative control (extras) :
    • Negotiate and follow up on deadlines, changes in scope of contract and contract terms with the client and with subcontractors / suppliers.
    • Control the contracts between Beauce Atlas and its customers.
  • Manage the production stages:
    • Ensure conformity of the drawings according to contract requirements;
    • Make sure that the drawings have followed all the steps preceding the manufacturing.
    • Ensure that manufacturing drawings have been sent to the factory;
    • Ensure that the equipment has been requisitioned as prescribed in the Technical Manual;
    • Ensure that the manufacturing stage will be carried out in accordance with the deadlines specified in the project planning schedule;
    • Ensure that the delivery of equipment is made on time.
  • Ensuring quality:
    • Start the project with a kick-off meeting to define with all the stakeholders, the parameters for carrying out the project;
    • Perform quality monitoring, evaluation of subcontractors and suppliers;
    • Proceed with the post mortem of the project at the end of the realization of each of the projects;Follow up very closely with the quality department to ensure the quality of the deliverable to the customer;
  • Manage changes and modifications of contract scope:
    • Ensure that each major change will be incorporated into manufacturing and installation so that the project conforms to plans and specifications to meet customer expectations;
    • Evaluate, negotiate and ensure the management of additional work;
    • Negotiate the price of additional work with the client;
  • Documentary monitoring of costs:
    • Maintain a forecast file of additional costs generated by the project;
    • Follow the evolution of costs as they arise;
    • Transmit cost details to the accounting department for invoicing and approve payment of invoices from subcontractors and suppliers;
  • Solve site problems :
    • Participate in the resolution of various major issues related to requests from customers or professionals.
  • Other related tasks:
    • Provide the required information to the VP Operations to finalize the cost advancement by project for the monthly financial statements;
    • Provide technical information for legal files and attend required meetings;
    • Make the weekly update of the management report;
    • Study finished projects and assess subcontractors with the project manager;
    • Codify installers’ invoices for quality monitoring;Perform all other related tasks.

Required qualifications

Job-related skills

  • Ability to coordinate people, lead and teamwork;
  • Good organizational skills;
  • Good stress management;
  • Negotiation skills;
  • Availibility for travelling in Canada and the United States

Education and experience required

  • College diploma in a field related to construction


  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in project management

Knowledge required

  • Bilingualism
  • Excellent map reading
  • Proficiency in the following software: Office Suite, BimVision, Teams, Gotomeeting
  • Knowledge of legal construction standards (asset)


  • Group insurance
  • Employee assistance program
  • Continuing education
  • Social club
  • Sports club
  • Referral bonus
  • Recognition of years of service

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