When steel
and challenges
come together

Our employees and the values they embody have made the reputation of Beauce Atlas.

All of them give their best every day. Thanks to their expert advice, high-quality manufacturing, precise drawings, or perfect installation, we work as a team to carry through large-scale projects that stand out.

Your skills complement ours?

Join us! Working for a family business like Beauce Atlas is an honor, from generation to generation


We work every day to ensure the success of our clients’ projects through diligence, flexibility, and high quality work. These shared efforts are only possible because we recognize how important our employees are. We provide a stimulating work environment and pleasant working conditions with competitive benefits.

Involvement in large-scale projects

Group insurance

Employer’s contribution to the pension fund

Employee assistance program

Social club

Very active sports club

Continuing education

Unequalled team spirit

Flexible working hours

Floating holidays

Full-time specialist dedicated to health and safety

Everyone’s ideas are considered

Putting our heart into it

We work to excel, innovate, and inspire because we love what we do—and it shows in the dedication and energy our team put into successfully completing projects.

Working as a team

Our greatest asset is the people on our team. Together we form an indivisible whole. We share our successes, focus on the positive, and have each other’s backs.

Staying close to our customers

We care about our customers—that’s why we put all our energy into successfully carrying out their most ambitious projects. We deliver personalized service without compromising on satisfaction.

Being reliable partners

We attach utmost importance to core values such as ethics, integrity and honesty. Our success is largely due to our consistency in acting as professionals and in inspiring confidence. And we take great pride in that.

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